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Chehalis Basin Salmon Recovery Strategy

The ultimate goal of the Chehalis Lead Entity is to help implement on-the-ground, community supported, salmon recovery projects in the Chehalis watershed. We do this by developing, planning and prioritizing salmon restoration and preservation projects that follow the guidance of the Chehalis Basin Strategy.

Sub-Watershed Management Unit Documents

Each subwatershed in the Chehalis has different characteristics, and therefore different needs for recovering priority salmon stocks. These documents provide details on each sub-basin that will help Sponsors develop their project, and teach local residents about priorities for salmon recovery in their local stream.

Chehalis Lead Entity Conceptual Project Form

Do you have a salmon recovery project idea, but don’t have all the details worked out yet? Fill out our form and submit it to the Chehalis Lead Entity and we’ll help you get this project ready for implementation.

SRFB Grants – Materials for Sponsors

Guidance Documents

Aquatic Species Restoration Plan

Stay tuned for a future Call for Proposals.

Culvert Assessments

Undersized and perched culverts are a major barrier to salmon migration in the Chehalis Watershed. A number of different agencies have inventoried and identified the culverts in the watershed. These culvert assessments, available below, give details on the culverts’ location and condition.

Water Type Assessments

Water Type Assessments and Interactive Maps

Studies Done in the Chehalis Basin

Grays Harbor Juvenile Salmon/Fish Use Assessment. Wild Fish Conservancy.

Washington Coast Strategy

Organizational Documents

Habitat Work Group Minutes